Industrial Modernisation Centre Value Chain Development Programme Import Substitution Programme Competitiveness and Quality Improvement programme Productivity Enhancement Programme Green Economy Programme Creative Cluster Programme Financial Services Programme
Industrial Modernisation Centre
Industrial Modernization Centre (IMC) was established by a Presidential Decree on December 2000 to give the motive for a sustainable, modernized, vibrant and competitive Egyptian industry. IMC’s main goal in coordination with the Ministry of Trade & Industry to support the industrial enterprises and create an enabling business environment for the industrial sector.

Value Chain Development Programme
Program Objective
The Value Chain Development Programme (VCD) is a newly launched IMC pillar; the programme focuses on analyzing the product chains, from raw materials to the eventual end-user, in order to identify opportunities for growth that contribute to the chains’ future development and improvement.
Import Substitution Programme
Program Objective
Reduce foreign exchange demand
• Generate employment
• Increase the return on the national industrial assets
Competitiveness and Quality Improvement programme
Program Objective
• Comply with product specifications and international standards requirements of specific/new markets.
• Increase the market share "local /or international" by defining and accessing new sales channels  or define match-making opportunities
Productivity Enhancement Programme
Program Objective
Improve productive operations management and eliminating wastes in order to reduce cost and ensure quality stability.
Green Economy Programme
Program Objective
This programme aims at reducing the specific energy consumption per product unit without any negative impact on the product quality or quantity, as well as limiting polluting emissions and identification of possible direct uses of solar energy.

To do so, IMC provides technical support to the industrial establishments
Creative Cluster Programme
Program Objective

This programme has the objective to strengthen and expanding local MSMEs, and facilitates its development through upgrading the value chain of industrial cluster products via an integrated demand-based approach. It will help all value chain members to upgrade their production, increase level of value addition and comply
Financial Services Programme
The main purpose is to develop and promote enterprises’ eligibility to access the finance of commercial banks and investors, through a group of experts and inhouse consultants in the field of structuring and financing