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About IMC

IMC employees are committed to applying the professional code of conduct both internally and externally. 
In the midst of the rapid development of global industry worldwide, the need for an entity capable of keeping pace with this development to modernize and develop industry and push it to be able to compete was imperative. Co-financed by the European Union, the Egyptian government and the Egyptian private sector, IMC was established aiming to support industrial enterprises and create a favorable business environment for the industrial sector, under the umbrella of the Ministry of Trade and Industry.

Our expertise

IMC has started providing services to the industrial community since 2002 and has accumulated expertise during its challenging work journey to satisfy the needs of the industrial sector. IMC serves ten different industrial sectors in addition to the sector of facilities supporting industry in a way that suits the diversity requirements of each sector separately. Services provided are in line with the constant change in the nature of the challenges facing the Egyptian industry through the ability to communicate with factories of all kinds through 15 branches nationwide. Branches include a professional team of 340 employees with accumulated experiences and highly trained, in addition to a database of 13,000 customers and cumulative knowledge with more than 9 thousand customers offered more than 120 thousand services.

Our mission

Supporting all industrial facilities at the individual or sectoral level according to their development needs through comprehensive programs aimed at achieving growth towards a green economy and sustainable development.

Our vision

To be the leaders of change for the Egyptian industry.