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Productivity Improvement Program

Productivity Improvement Program

The Productivity Improvement Program depends on finding new systems and solutions for utilizing available resources and production inputs to achieve maximum production capacities with the highest quality at the best time and at the lowest possible costs. Therefore, a program has been developed to include an integrated package of consulting services that contribute to achieving the highest benefit of the current situation, in terms of industrial facilities, including workers, machines and investments. These services contribute to the application of modern management methods in production, saving time, reducing manufacturing costs, applying visual management methods, lean manufacturing and other services that lead to maximizing production capacities available within the industrial facilities.

Program Goals

  • Improving production process management and contributing to reducing production costs
  • Optimizing use of available resources, including materials, workers, time, machines, and investments
  • Developing supply chain and supply chain management
  • Reducing production time, percentage of defective products, and reducing waste of raw materials
  • Maximizing available production capacities
  • Enhancing quality of the Egyptian products
  • Contributing to import substitution and increasing the number of local suppliers


Program Services

  • Applying concepts of management, visual control, and work environment organization method
  • Basic / Advanced Lean Manufacturing
  • Improving operation management and enhancing productivity
  • Developing production planning and control methods
  • Comprehensive preventive maintenance
  • Supply chain management and supply
  • Design and layout of factories

Program figures