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Innovation and Entrepreneurship Program

Program Overview

The Industrial Modernization Center (IMC) has been associated over years in modernization and development of the industrial sector as a supporting entity for Egyptian industry. IMC role has extended to include searching for industrial entities most in need for support, and the constant strive to include new elements of industrial groups under its umbrella of all sizes. The community of entrepreneurs, innovators and designers is one of the most important categories that IMC gave special attention, where it launched the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Program in 2014 based on its belief in the importance of directing youth energies and modern ideas to address the challenges of the industrial sector and to add a touch of innovation and modernity to enhance the competitiveness of the Egyptian industry.

Over recent years, IMC has embraced many designers and entrepreneurs. It has provided technical support services through this program, which quickly expanded by establishing the headquarters of "Creative Hub Egypt" in 2017 with the participation of the United Nations Development Program, and the "Development of clusters in the cultural and creative industries in the Southern Mediterranean." Program, implemented by the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO), and funded by the European Union and the Italian Agency for Development Cooperation.



Since then, “Creative Hub Egypt” has turned into a permanent forum for designers and innovators, and a platform that provides a room for business and innovation. This platform has quickly succeeded in providing training courses for hundreds of designers, and has availed the opportunity to hold workshops and seminars and provide assistance in the form of design laboratories, Internet services and joint workspaces. It has also contributed to granting opportunities to participate in international competitions in the fields of design, and was able to witness many promising success stories of trained designers and entrepreneurs who won advanced positions in international exhibitions.

Program mission

To establish a platform for innovators and creators through which the skills and competencies of entrepreneurs and emerging companies is enhanced. It will also give access to the most advanced technologies as well as a set of technical and advisory services.

Program Goals

  • Establishing and managing a platform that allows networking among entrepreneurs, emerging companies and Egyptian institutions working in the field of transformative industries
  • Providing necessary support for innovators and creators via technical and advisory services, as well as availing work space for ideas, projects and emerging companies under the umbrella of “Egypt Creative Hub”
  • Integrating entrepreneurs and emerging companies into local and international value chains
  • Raising awareness on concepts of innovative economy and design-based economy in contributing to inclusive economic development and securing job opportunities
  • Enabling a new generation of Egyptian entrepreneurs and designers able to address the needs of the industrial market
  • Increasing capacity of emerging companies and reducing failures




Program Services

Innovation Incubator

The link between innovators and needs of the industrial community is the mission for which the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Program was established. It was therefore necessary to embrace ideas and projects of innovators and entrepreneurs of all kinds, and to provide the opportunity and space to direct their ideas towards projects that contribute to addressing the challenges facing the industrial sector. Hence, this incubator was designed to provide managerial, marketing and financial services that contribute to building the capabilities of entrepreneurs and help them in financial planning and developing economic feasibility studies, as well as contributing to linking this category with the manufacturing sector in an effort to increase the competitiveness of the industrial and handicraft sectors in Egypt.

Design Incubator

Industrial sector development implies attaching more importance to innovation and design being one of the strongest support to achieve long term economic growth. This gave rise to the business incubator with a view to offering a learning experience for designers on design basics and experimental sciences, as well as providing equipment, machines, extension services, and linkages with the needs of the industrial sector.

Emerging companies Incubator

The "Emerging companies Incubator" targets entrepreneurs working in the handicraft sector. It helps develop the competencies of emerging companies capable of providing services and marketable products, through a package of technical and training services to develop these companies from the stage of idea to the stage of growth and sustainability, as well as opening new horizons for marketing products through Creative Hub Egypt platform.



Co-work Space

One of the most important advantages of providing a permanent platform for entrepreneurs, designers and innovators under the umbrella of "Creative Hub Egypt", is the availability of free spaces for joint work with a permanent premises that can embrace work groups and provide various means of assistance and support such as providing a preliminary design laboratory that includes "3D Printer, Laser Cutter," CNC Router & Engraver, Desktop Vacuum Machine ", besides providing space for workshops and seminars, and internet services.




Program in figures

  • Number of workshops that have been implemented in the fields of marketing, export, quality and business management: 50
  • Number of entrepreneurs and startups attended the workshop: 600
  • 20 design workshops and diplomas in the presence of international designers
  • Presented 19 virtual seminars on confronting the negative effects of Covid-19 on business for 38,000 young entrepreneurs
  • Participation in a number of local and international entrepreneurship events and competitions, most important of which is the annual business leaders’ forum at the International Investment Forum in the United Arab Emirates, where the Center hosted and qualified 50 start-up companies in 2018 and 2019 and culminated in the participation of 10 companies in the annual forum, and an Egyptian start-up company won the Center Forum award valued $ 10,000..