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Export Development Program

Program Description

The Export Development Program (EDP) has been developed to increase opportunities for Egyptian products to penetrate international markets, and to support Egypt’s industrial exports strategy that directly reinforces Egyptian economy in the context of achieving the vision and goals of the Egyptian government program, the sustainable development strategy, and Egypt's 2030 vision. The program aims to contribute to reducing Egypt's non-oil trade deficit by increasing the share of foreign trade in the GDP and enhancing and sustaining companies 'readiness for export by developing capabilities of Egyptian companies to access international markets. The EDP also supports companies and their products to comply with various local and global requirements that require the improvement of production processes, product quality and standards, level of efficiency as well as reducing costs in order to pave the way for strong and sustainable export relations. The EDP achieves these goals by providing a series of technical services that help companies start and enhance sustainability of their export activities in accordance with good international practices.

Program Goals

EDP aims to enhancing Egyptian companies’ export capabilities, as well as increasing their competitiveness in international markets, qualifying exporters and maximizing exports value through:

  • Encouraging transformation to high value-added exports
  • Targeting markets with planned and promising export opportunities
  • Enhancing products’ competitiveness at international markets in targeted industrial sectors
  • Managing export quality and enhancing export operations


Program figures

  • Evaluating company’s export readiness
  • Developing export strategies and compromises of international trade business
  • Developing strategies for trademarks in targeted international markets
  • Extension and implementation of export transactions
  • Digital marketing to penetrate targeted international markets

Program Figures