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Digital transformation and technology support Program


Program overview

The digital transformation and technology support program focuses on transforming the entire industrial facilities into institutions operating with digital systems that apply modern information technology methods, in such a way to achieve the elimination of old management methods that waste time and effort and multiply the cost, which leads to raising the efficiency of companies and reducing costs, thus increasing facilities’ revenues and improving production. In general, this is according to the following methodology:


Technical consulting services and measuring companies' readiness for information technology services are services that are carried out by using an experienced consultant or from IMC staff, and are based on developing studies of the current situation of the industrial facility, and providing a map of proposed solutions to convert it into a fully digital system.


Apps services

These services rest upon the implementation of a number of IT apps within industrial facilities to achieve the best possible results of optimum resource utilization.

The following apps are listed under those services:


I - Apps for enterprise resource planning (ERP) with three different levels:

Principal apps:

It fulfills the basic needs of a small client who automates operations and connects departments within his company

Provides basic administrative reports to manage the activity


  • Meets medium-sized clients with a full package of:
  • Production planning systems
  • Supply chains management
  • Advanced reporting on management and operations

Advanced Apps

Systems for large enterprise resource planning with all its modules and details that support integration between departments and allow easy circulation of information with the capabilities of business intelligence BI Tools.

II - Customer Management Systems

Applications that support communication with customers to facilitate customer's access to the service and measure the extent of their satisfaction with a complete mechanism for receiving and following up on complaints.

III - Maintenance Systems

A group of advanced applications that work to follow up on faults and scheduling preventive maintenance operations, from which all reports related to recurring faults and their causes can be extracted to avoid their recurrence in the future.

Digital Services

E-commerce digital marketing

Digital marketing

One of the most important modern marketing tools as it provides customers with ease of access to the target customer segments according to his marketing strategy with advanced analytical tools that help in making the decision.


One of the modern channels that significantly contributes to sales promotion via websites, and to ease communication between producers and consumers to obtain service/goods safely and timely.

Digital transformation and digitalization

It is a wide range of solutions and services provided to customers based on studies and assessments that determine their readiness for digital transformation, as well as identifying proper solutions for the industry to keep pace with the fourth industrial revolution.