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Reviving the craft of embroidery with Talli threads

Talli and ‘Mansaj’ industries in Shandawil Village - Sohag governorate

The village of Shandawil Island, one of Upper Egypt villages, located 8 km north of the governorate, is a poor village in which women work on embroidery with ‘Talli’ threads on fabrics from the Tulle as a source of income to help raise children. It relies in marketing its product on exhibitions that are carried out by the Social Fund, the governorate, and productive families.

The Industrial Modernization Center (IMC) visited that village and discussed ways of development that could be leveraged. It was noted that there is another craft called the ‘Mansaj’ craft, which is produced by only five elderly women in the village, meaning that the craft is on its way to extinction, knowing that it is gaining popularity in the local and international markets.

An action plan has been developed as follows:

  • Forming groups of girls and using the five elderly women to train the girls of the village to develop a new generation and revive the ‘Manasaj’ craft, which is on the verge of extinction. Indeed, the number of workers in the craft has now reached 150 women and girls with a high degree of skill and proficiency.
  • Hiring specialists to train 25 girls and women to create new designs for the used woven motifs, provided that these motifs are inspired by the rural environment.
  • Hiring specialists to train 25 girls on how to coordinate the colors of the used threads and combine them to produce a product of a great deal of art and beauty