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Creative Egypt Program


The Handicraft Clusters’ success in integrating a large number of handicraft micro and small enterprises owners had a remarkable impact on taking the Program further from the integration and development phase to the establishment of a permanent platform for exhibiting Egyptian handicrafts and helping their owners promote their works under a governmental umbrella. This has resulted in the foundation of “Creative Egypt” as the first registered trademark for handicrafts. It further helps business owners in international fairs.

Since then, IMC has ensured a permanent premise for exhibiting designers’ products of various types. The Program utilized “Omar Effendi” facility in Muhandsein as a premises for exhibiting handicrafts for three years, then moved to the “Cairo Festival Mall” to host a permanent platform with a larger area, to secure a more enhanced exhibition facility and to provide job opportunities for several families. This location also ensures profit sustainability and work within an innovative-stimulating environment.






Program goals

  • Developing traditional industries for craft clusters and entrepreneurs with creative projects
  • Supporting these crafts and small industries and providing the appropriate environment for their growth, including the development of internal and external markets for their products and linking them to global supply chains
  • Achieving sustainable development for this sector and providing an enabling environment to support priority crafts and industries.




Creative Egypt Eligibility Criteria

  • An NGO establishment Decree and its executive regulations (NGOs only)
  • Commercial registry and a recent tax card (companies only)
  • Membership ID of Fine Arts Syndicate (Designers and Artmen only)
  • Fulfillment of exhibition conditions by the Evaluation and Quality Committee (All)
  • Cluster acceptance following a field visit to assess growth potentials (All)

Creative Egypt Services

The Program offers technical assistance and marketing services to handicrafts and designers as follows:

  • Technology transfer and capacity building
  • New designs in line with international and local markets requirements
  • Product quality development and improvement
  • Export promotion and marketing support services
  • Technical and technological training
  • Managerial skills training services
  • Local exhibitions for marketing
  • E-commerce platform.
  • Professional Photography for the products.
  • Social Media Marketing.

The Program in figures