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Bidaya for stationary

Wrapping and Packaging industries sector (to manufacture stationaries)

The company «Bidaya in the Industrial Zone» in the 6th of October City is engaged in manufacturing stationery products by processing and converting paper and plastic products, plastic injection; manufacturing, assembling and packing stationaries from pencils, colors and rulers.

The company suffered from production processes weaknesses represented in the inability to raise productivity, high product costs, leading to inability to enter new markets, inability to compete in foreign markets, and inability to predict sales and thus production and procurement planning.



IMC succeeded in implementing the productivity improvement project and increasing production capacity within the factory, by applying modern theories of planning systems for sales, production and procurement; identifying bottlenecks and obstacles during manufacturing processes, studying the sequence of production processes, time and movement and proposing improvements to them, as well as organizing the workplace and environment and activating visual management. Determining production capacities and performance rates for all departments, reducing waste of materials, training staff to follow the concepts of lean manufacturing, improving quality control system, and finally developing the maintenance department and setting up a self-maintenance system.

IMC was able to increase the availability of machines in the factory by 12.5%, to reduce defect rate by 2%, to reduce the change time by 67%, in addition to reducing the production cycle time by 68%, and raising productivity by 56.2%, and the total cost of the project reached 198 thousand pounds, with a total actual savings of 2.8 million pounds.







Printing and Wrapping Sector