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Quality certificates provided by IMC

Of the hundreds of services that IMC provides to its clients, it gives you the opportunity to obtain all the quality certificates your industrial facility needs in all fields, starting with certificates of energy performance improvement, maintaining occupational safety, environment certificates, and even quality certificates that the industrial facility needs it to penetrate new export markets. This is in addition to the standard specifications required for industrial facilities to comply with international standards and specifications.

What is a standard?

A document that defines the characteristics of a product or service. These characteristics may include design, weight, size, performance, environmental requirements, interoperability with other equipment, materials, production process or service delivery.

Through a set of steps that begins with studying the needs of the industrial facility, preparing it to obtain quality certificates, you can obtain the following quality certificates through the Industrial Modernisation Centre:

First, the standard specifications for a general management system:


  • ISO 9001: Aims to obtain customer satisfaction by continuously providing conforming products or services.
  • ISO 14001: Aims to ensure that the company operates in an environmentally responsible and sustainable manner.
  • ISO 45001: Aims to provide a safe workplace for employees by managing occupational health and safety risks at the work site.
  • ISO 50001: Aims to improve energy performance, including energy efficiency and energy consumption.

Second, the standard specifications for a specific sector management system:


Quality management field


  • ISO Technical Specifications (IATF) ISO 16949: ISO Technical Specifications are applied in the engineering and auto-feeding industries sectors. The application aims to transform your company into a reliable supplier of automobile production materials, parts and services that meet the requirements of the original manufacturer.


  • ISO 13485: ISO 13485 is applied in the medical industry sector. The application aims to transform your company into a reliable supplier for companies involved in the design, production, installation and service of medical devices.


Workplace safety

  • Principles of the World Program for Certified Responsible Production WRAP: The standard is applied in the textile industries sector. The application aims to encourage legal, humane and ethical manufacturing in the garment, footwear and sewing products industries, in addition to other labor-intensive sectors such as the hotel and construction industries, jewelry manufacturing sectors, furniture, and food.


Food Safety Field

  • ISO 22000 (FSSC 22000): The specification guarantees the safety of various foodstuffs, i.e. those made from animal products, perishable vegetable products, long-term products and food components, such as additives, vitamins and bio-farms, and is applied in the food and agricultural industries sectors.


  • International Standards for the Federation of British Retail Companies (BRC Packaging): The standard guarantees the production, packing, packaging, storage and distribution of safe food and consumer goods, and is applied in the food and agricultural industries sectors.


  • GLOBAL G.A.P: The standard guarantees food production on farms that reduce the harmful environmental impacts of farming operations by reducing the use of chemicals, and applying responsible practices to ensure the health and safety of workers, as well as animal care, applied in the agro-industrial sector.


  • Halal: The specification ensures that the product conforms to what is stated in Islamic law, which constitutes peace and tranquility for the Muslim consumer, in addition to increasing confidence in the product. The specification is applied in the sectors of food industries and agricultural processing.


  • German and French Retail Federation IFS: The standard guarantees food quality and safety for the consumer, and is applied in the food and agricultural industries.


  • BRC Packaging: The standard guarantees the safe and correct production of consumer goods and their packaging, storage and distribution. The standard is applied in the printing and packaging sector.


  • FSC: The standard guarantees the sustainability of forests, applicable to the furniture and packaging sectors.