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How would IMC help you export your product

How would IMC help you export your product?

This question is on the minds of many Egyptian manufacturers. Simply put, IMC can help you with many technical services that effectively contribute to paving the way for individual manufacturers to export their products, including:

Measuring the extent of your company's readiness for export, whether as a specification for the product or as a quality or the extent to which this product conforms to global requirements, as well as the production capacity of your factory. It also studies the human factor and its efficiency to manage the export file following this stage and after your commitment as a manufacturer. Your journey with IMC starts after your commitment to the readiness measurement process, through a wide range of services subsidized by rates that sometimes reach “90%” of the cost of those services, including:

  • Developing an export strategy study that includes choosing the best countries for your product to export to in terms of growth rates, volume of its imports, as well as studying the political, economic, social, technological and other conditions that may hinder your product to enter those markets. The study also determines the best marketing mix for your product and the best distribution channels for it within those markets, ending with defining an export plan that includes markets and various cost elements, whether marketing or advertising, and others, as well as the time periods for implementing each element of the plan.
  • IMC also helps you in your product compliance with international requirements, whether it is product conformity certificates, according to the requirements of global markets and international marks, including (for example, certificates and marks are mentioned) or different quality certificates.(For more information, Please click here)
  • It also helps you with a large set of training with competent authorities whether in:
  • Developing individuals’ skills
  • Export documents
  • pricing
  • Conditions of international transportation
  • Documentary Credit
  • Methods of collection and modes of payment
  • Guidance service is also provided by a consultant who takes steps to export with you, beginning with your correspondence with international buyers
  • Then preparing documents, arranging shipment, coordinating customs clearance operations, and completing the follow-up of the collection until the entry of the shipment returns to your bank account.
  • IMC, through its programs, also connects your company with interested global buyers through coordination, to hold seminars, workshops, meetings, or even a coordinating role for some international exhibitions, as well as market study visits and others with various parties, whether they are international support agencies or Egyptian bodies specialized in this field