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Printing and Wrapping Industry Sector


The importance of the printing and wrapping industry sector comes from the fact that it constitutes an integral part of all other industrial sectors. The sector is one of the most important complementary industries for products of all kinds, and some industries such as food, pharmaceutical, chemical, tourism and education industries are an integral part of the manufacturing process and of final products. In addition to its role as a feeding sector for the rest of the industries, the printing and wrapping sector represents a hub between the centers of production and consumption, through which products are appropriately prepared to meet international standards and ensure that they are transported and stored properly, in addition to protecting them from environmental impacts and risks of packaging, transportation and storage. Egypt is ranked the 3rd largest market for packaging and wrapping products in the Middle East and North Africa.



  • Paper and paper packaging and wrapping products
  • Plastic packaging and wrapping products
  • Metal packaging and wrapping products
  • Commercial production and books
  • Stationary

Percentage of wrapping and packaging cost to total cost of products stemming from beneficiary sectors






Sector in figures



The Sector’s exports increased by 20% to reach $550 million over nine months in 2020, compared to the same period of last year.

The Sector’s exports grew by 88% to reach $270 million during Q3 of 2020 compared to $144 million of same period in 2019.





The story of establishing the Export Council for Printing, Wrapping, Paper and Books

As a major step for the development of exports of the printing and wrapping sector, the establishment of the Export Council for Printing and Wrapping was approved by the Ministry of Trade and Industry following the preparation of studies on institutional development and ways to develop exports of the sector. Additionally, two studies on the African and European markets were conducted by Industrial Modernization Center, which also participated in developing Customs terms for the Export Council.

How did the Export Council for Printing and Wrapping affect the increase of sector’s export rates?

Industrial Modernization Center, in cooperation with the Export Council for Printing, Wrapping, Paper, Books and Artistic Works, has qualified 15 Egyptian companies for the export process and developed their export skills to enable and encourage companies to export in the future, in order to double Egyptian exports within the framework of the Egyptian government's plan, which in turn was reflected in an increase in the sector’s export numbers. Among the most important countries that have been exported to are:

  • UAE ($62 million)
  • Bahrain ($58 million)
  • Britain ($45 million)
  • Kenya ($34 million)