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Medical industry sector

Overview on Medical industry sector

For many years, the medical industries sector has been on top of the competitors list in the Middle East, in addition to its strong industrial base that has made it one of the most important sectors of a strategic value for Egypt. Egypt is one of the largest producers and consumers of medical products with a value of 30% in the Middle East and North Africa. Due to its high population, Egypt maintains a risk / reward index of 44.3 out of 100, and remains above the regional average of 40.4, making it the fourth most attractive market for medicines in Africa. Egypt has the potential to become an industrial center for Africa in the medical industries sector, especially with the availability of skilled labor, strong manufacturing base and competitive prices.


  • pharmaceutical sector
  • cosmetic sector
  • Medical devices sector


Sector Imports and Exports 2017 - 2019 (USD - 1M)

Return on Investment

Info graph showing return on EGP per each pound spent per enterprise for the best success stories in all Industrial sectors (2017-2019)

Sector figures




  • Investment volume in the sector: $5billion
  • Investment volume in the cosmetics sector: $1.5 million
  • Investment volume in the medical equipment sector: $921 million
  • Number of pharmaceutical factories: 150
  • Number of factories under construction: 40
  • Number of manufacturing companies with others: 1200
  • Number of cosmetics factories: 280
  • Number of workers in the sector: 140.000
  • Number of medical supplies factories that comply with international requirements such as (CE, FDA and ISO 13485): 330 factories