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Furniture and Wood industries sector

Sector overview

The furniture and wood industries sector is one of the most significant sectors with a mix of Egyptian craft identity and innovation of best manufacturers. Wood furniture industry has been characterized by distinguished techniques of Islamic, British and French models. Currently, the sector focuses on producing contemporary modern furniture in line with international standards.

This sector contributes 2.2% to GDP; and it represents a driving force for the Egyptian Economy in general. The sector also has a value-added factor that exceeds 50%, compared to 30% as industry value-added factor.







  • Home furniture
  • Office Furniture
  • kitchens
  • Hotel furniture and contracts
  • Outdoor and garden furniture
  • Medical and hospital furniture
  • Metal furniture
  • flooring
  • Door and the window
  • Wooden products

The sector in Figures


  • Total jobs provided by the sector: 900,000 (of which a large part works in the informal sector)
  • Number of jobs provided by the furniture sector only is 3 times greater than that provided by the rest of the sectors combined
  • Investment of one million pounds in the furniture sector means providing 9.5 jobs in comparison to 2.8 jobs provided by the rest of sectors when the same amount is invested in them

Imports and Exports of the Sector (USD 1M)