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Engineering Industry Sector


The engineering industry sector significantly overlaps with the rest of other industrial sectors in a way that makes it the largest service base for other sectors through wide services it provides in terms of maintenance and spare parts, development of production lines, modernization of technology and competitive value, in addition to its ability to meet all needs and requirements for national projects implemented by the government.

All these reasons have given the engineering industry sector a large share of the total number of companies and industrial investments. In addition, it comprises the largest percentage of industrial employment in Egypt. Consequently, the sector is considered one of the most important sectors that attract investment, as its sub-sectors ranked first in terms of the distribution of foreign investments, in particular, transportation industry, household appliances and metal forming, and other sub-sectors that enjoy a competitive advantage at the regional level.


The Engineering industry sector consists of 12 sub-sectors as follows:

  • Transportation means industry
  • Home appliances industry
  • Electrical and communication equipment industry, computers and electronics industries
  • Feeding and intermediate commodity industries.
  • Household utensils industry
  • Machinery and equipment industry
  • Metal forming industry
  • Metal furniture and household appliances industries
  • Sanitary ware industry
  • Medical industries (non-pharmaceutical - medical devices)
  • Computers, electronics, and communication devices
  • New and renewable energy.
  • Engineering services for industry.

Sector in figures





Imports and Exports of the sector (USD - 1M)