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Agricultural Crops Sector

Sector overview

Great industrialized states plan to achieve economic growth should include the principles of food quality and increasing the volume of self-sufficiency in agricultural crops. This is due to the fact that paramount importance of the food security concept in supporting economies of countries and providing basic requirements of life for people, in addition to the strong opportunities provided by this sector, and to increase the volume of exports and reduce the volume of imports from abroad.

Therefore, the agricultural crops sector is considered one of the most important industrial sectors on which Egyptian economy relies in achieving the principle of sustainable development, increasing the volume of exports and providing thousands of job opportunities. The sector contributes 11% of Egypt's GDP, and provides about 6.4% of the total job opportunities. Agricultural industrialization includes everything related to the outputs of agricultural production as it is concerned with adding value to primary agricultural products through various manufacturing processes.


  • Vegetables and fruits
  • Grains and pulses food
  • Seeds and roots
  • Medicinal and aromatic plants
  • Cut flowers and ornamental plants
  • Palm


Agricultural Exports Map

Trade agreements with Arab countries, the European Union and the United States of America facilitated access to foreign markets, and boosted Egypt’s volume of exports to Saudi Arabia, the Arab Gulf region, Europe continent and Russia. Competitive pricing of Egyptian agricultural commodities also contributed to enhancing exports and acquiring larger shares in global markets. Egyptian exports of agricultural crops are still growing and in agreement with foreign markets, especially since agricultural crops companies have a golden opportunity to continue increasing their exports due to their high quality and the availability of all technical requirements and specifications for countries. Egypt ranks first in the world in exporting oranges, second in potato exports, and third in onion exports.



Imports and Exports of the sector (USD -1M)


Sector figures




Figures to be achieved by the sector