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How We Work

IMC, a leading institution in the field of development, works to provide a suitable environment by providing technical assistance and advice to industrial bodies and beneficiaries, with the aim of achieving a competitive and sustainable industry in Egypt.

IMC has set two main axes to provide its various services to all categories of the industrial sector. The first is what is provided in terms of services that depend on contracting with service providers, and the second is what services are implemented within the institution by the center’s employees, through a business development plan that begins with an analysis of the gap within The beneficiary industrial facility, through the contracting and implementation of the services proposed in the business development plan, and the measurement of performance indicators after the completion of each service.

IMC is committed to implementing the results-based monitoring and evaluation system to ensure the success of its efforts and to maximize technical and financial benefit, as well as to identify areas for improvement in a transparent and systematic manner.... 

How is the customer's cost share calculated?

IMC’s contribution to the cost of the service is calculated according to the consumption of the industrial company benefiting from the services, provided that the center’s total contribution to the cost of services does not exceed the fixed financial ceiling for each beneficiary industrial company.

Monitoring and evaluation at the financial level

In order to follow up the efficient use of the resources used in the implementation of the center's services, where the annual budget "programs and performance measures" is prepared and compared with the actual expenditure and the achieved results.