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Egypt gives significant attention to the industrial sector due to its substantial role in realizing Egypt’s Sustainable Development Strategy (Egypt Vision 2030), that strives to develop industry. Therefore, Egypt would become a leading country in the Middle East and Africa through deepening local manufacturing, expanding high value-added and technology-oriented industries; enabling an environment that attracts investment and raising industrial growth rates, hence, increasing industry share in GDP, and supporting and enhancing Egyptian products’ competitiveness in world markets. This leads to increasing exports and creating competitive job opportunities at the industrial sector.

IMC, since establishment, is one of the most important pillars of implemening plans for the advancement of the industrial sector. It continuously seeks to effect a qualitative shift in national industry, through a team with experience and competence in various industrial fields, and in cooperation with many national and international bodies and organizations working in Egypt, and in line with the Egyptian Ministry of Trade and Industry strategy.

Based on studying the reality of Egyptian industry prospects in light of international changes, IMC plan currently seeks to develop, modernize and diversify support services and focus on a number of trends; most important of which are:

  • Support promising industrial sectors with capabilities and competitive advantages in the Egyptian business environment.
  • Sponsor entrepreneurs, innovation-based industries, digital industries, green economy, small and medium enterprises, industrial and artisan clusters, and import substitution programs.
  • Adopt initiatives for applying governance concepts and qualifying and raising efficiency of workers in the industrial sector
  • Linking academia with industry

In conclusion, the upcoming phase will witness a significant advancement in IMC performance with regard to supporting Egyptian industry in a more comprehensive and sustainable manner, and in more suitable administrative, technical and technological approaches; and in more cooperative form, more in line with Egyptian manufactruers and other stakeholders to advance Egyptian industry.


Eng. Mohamed Abdelkarim

IMC Executive Director

February 2021