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Factory Owners

Why join IMC?

Once registered with the IMC, the client joins the thousands of factory owners who make up the IMC clients' family and becomes eligible to receive the Centre's services. Every year, the centre provides thousands of services to hundreds of its clients, ranging from training and other consultancy in all areas such as marketing, energy, environment, export development, and quality.

Criteria for eligibility to join IMC

  • A privately owned institution (the private sector owns more than 51% of the equity)
  • Having ten or more insured workers
  • Provide a social insurance form as well as the institution's budget
  • Provides growth potential for the institution
  • Working with transparency

Documents required to be prepared before registering on the site

Commercial Register
Industrial Register
Tax Card

Contracting procedures

The center's contracting procedures are designed to ensure transparency and to ensure that the service is provided in a professional and ethical manner to the business community, through the following methods:

Reference framework contracts:

Contracting the services of the Industrial Modernisation Centre through frames of reference contracts, by setting the standard terms of reference for the service, and the cost agreed in advance with the service providers for each service.

Competitive Bidding:

By inviting a group of service providers, either from the center's database or through an open invitation, taking into account the principles of transparency and equal opportunities, and the best offers are selected on the basis of evaluation procedures. This method is used in contracting technical assistance services, by setting conditions for providing the service, which are specifically designed according to the requirements of each service beneficiary.



If you meet the conditions for registration, please download Performance Standard Form 2019 to be filled and stamped Registration Form.


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