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Training Service Providers

Register as a training service provider

The Industrial Modernisation Centre opens the door for registration for the data of the training service providers to include them in the center's network of service providers in order to provide the best level of training service for the Egyptian industrial community..

Those interested can apply for registration in two training fields, with a maximum of 40 training courses for each field.

List of forms to be downloaded from service providers during the registration process

In the event of any inquiries or to schedule appointments with the center’s officials, this is done through the e-mail designated for that

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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Mechanism for registration of training service providers in the center:

The training service provider shall deliver all documents related to the registration application to the competent official, an electronic copy on a flash memory (CD/Flash memory) and a recent original extract from the Commercial Register. Complete the required documents, the file will not be accepted.

After accepting the file, the evaluation takes place in two stages

  • The first stage: the documents submitted by the training service providers are evaluated, and all technical, legal and administrative documents are reviewed and evaluated, to determine their compliance with the rules and procedures followed on the basis of previous experience in the areas and services specified in the registration form. The training service provider is contacted and informed of rejection or approval and upon acceptance The registration request and the completion of all required documents, and he will be informed of the time period in which he is expected to visit for the field assessment examination (second stage).
  • The second stage: An evaluation field visit to the service provider is conducted through a committee formed by the center, in which the service provider is evaluated from all technical, administrative and organizational aspects.
  • A report is submitted on the training service provider, its compliance with the conditions, and the degree of evaluation based on specific criteria. In case of rejection, a summary report is sent to the training service provider.
  • If the service provider is accepted, it is added to the database of training service providers accepted by the center and given a unified registration code. It is also categorized in one of the levels according to the degree of its evaluation as follows:
  • 90% or more - A . score
  • From 75% to less than 89% - B . registration
  • From 60% to less than 74% - C . registration
  • Less than 60% - Unacceptable registration


Criteria for evaluating training service providers for all training programs

  • Availability of a designated place equipped with the means and equipment used in the training provided, and it is evaluated by the center, and the center has the right to accept or reject the place.
  • The center has criteria and a system for evaluating courses to follow up and measure the impact of the return on training (please send the form that the center follows, if any).
  • Detailed previous experience, which includes lists of all the courses offered by the center and contains: the name of the course - the date - the name of the trainer - the number and names of trainees - the name of the company (if any).
  • Previous experience in implementing similar projects with similar entities, with the obligation to submit all documents indicating that (if any).
  • The volume of financial transactions of the training service provider for two financial years.

Criteria for selecting trainers

  • Trainers' CV.
  • The trainers' experience should not be less than two years as a trainer, with all documents indicating that.
  • A detailed statement of the trainer's experience in the training field.
  • Determine the technical areas and the number of years of experience as a trainer.

Criteria for evaluating the training material

  • The ease and understanding of the scientific material for all the courses offered.
  • Detailing all the points of the training content of the training programs to be registered, taking into account the order of their teaching and the necessity of pagination and preparing an index showing the content of the training materials.

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