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Adv Number 19/2022. “LOT (1) 23535,1 LOT (2) 23534,1 LOT(3) 23533,1”

  • Thursday, 03 March 2022 11:18

Adv Number 19/2022. “LOT (1) 23535,1 LOT (2) 23534,1 LOT(3) 23533,1”

Notice is hereby given of Invitation to Tender No.: “LOT (1) 23535,1 LOT (2) 23534,1 (3) 23533,1”under IMC/GoE OpenTenderProcedures for: Supply and installations of the following machines for the open factory fabrication lab
LOT (1): Plotter Printer 23535,1
LOT (2): 3D Printer 23534,1
LOT (3): Laser cut machine23533,1
عنوان المناقصة:  توريد و تركيب ماكينات خاصة بمعمل التصميمات الأولية لمشروع المصنع المفتوح
 لوط (1): طابعة بلوتر 23535.1 
لوط (2): طابعة ثلاثية الأبعاد 23534.1
لوط (3):  ماكينة حفر وتقطيع ليزر.1 23533                    
1. Tenders’proposals must be submitted to the Industrial Modernisation Centre head quarter premises or  any of  IMC branches   before 24-March-2022 12:00 noon ,and remain valid for a period of 90 days from the deadline of offer’s submission. No proposals will be considered after this deadline.
2. Participation is open, on equal terms, for all legal intities.
3. Deadline to request any clarifications from IMC is  on 13-March-2022 and Clarification Session on  14-March -2022 at 12:00 noon.
4. For further technical clarification please contact Engy Ibrahim / E.mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
5. The full Tender Dossier can be obtained by interested tenderers on the submission of a written request (authorisation letter), latest  commercial registration and upon a bank deposit of a non-refundable fee for LE 200 (Only two hundred Egyptian Pounds). The Bank receipt should be submitted to finance department  at IMC HQ  or any of  IMC branches   , from 9:00 am -01:00 pm, Sunday to Thursday

6. Tenderer’s guarantee value is accompanying tender guarantee for an amount of  900 EGP (Only Nine Hundred Egyptian Pound) per each LOT, should be submitted to IMC finance department before tender’s deadline, by Letter of Guarantee “valid for at least 160 days from the deadline for submission of offers”,Certfied  cheque or bank  deposit receipt.

7. Tender Dossier / Tender Guarantee Bank account:
• Name : Industrial Modernisation Center
• Bank Name : Commercial International Bank – CIB
• Account No.   :   100007921939 EGP
• Swift code    CIBEEGCX007• 
8. Tenders must be submitted in English or Arabic.