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Leather and Tanning Industries

Sector Background:
Leather Tanning Industry is one of the promising industries in Egypt. This sector has been radically
developed through establishing a modern compound in Robiki region to attract national leather industry
through encouraging the relocation of leather tanneries from Magra El Oyon region to Robiki. The
added value of the Egyptian product can be thus increased towards achieving competitiveness in the
global market.
The leather products industry and footwear industry have the same importance and receive the same
attention in Egypt. Two compounds are currently being established. The first in 10th of Ramadan City
accommodating 100 factories and the other in Morgham region in Alexandria accommodating 50
factories. Those two compounds could achieve a growth rate that would enable the Egyptian industry
to benefit from opportunities available in global markets. The industry has achieved progress during
the past four years. Production was estimated at LE 546 million in 2005 reaching LE 818 million in
2006. It reached LE 853 million by the end of 2007 and LE 1021 million by the end of 2008. By 2009,
it achieved LE 799 million. Exports reached 766 million until August 2010. The sector has an export
target of LE 2000 million by the year 2013.


2010 data (till the end of August 2010)
  • The number of IMC registered companies: 573 companies
  • Exports of the sector: LE 766 million
  • Investments of IMC registered companies: LE 1100 million



Sector Projects

  • Feasibility study for relocating 100 leather factories out of urban area to the 10th of Ramadan. The
    designs had been finished and the first stage is ongoing including 40 factories
  • Feasibility study to relocate 1000 Leather workshop out of the urban area.
  • Designing & manufacturing Leather machinery locally.
  • Research & Develop of the chemicals used in leather de-hairing.
  • Terms of reference for establishing an international marketing company for promoting leather
  • Implementation Study for the development Strategy for the leather tanneries that were moved to the
    Robiki compound
  • Implementation Study for the development of relocated or new leather factories which will be
    established in 10th of Ramadan City

Sector Achievements
  • Establishing a leather department at Helwan University in collaboration with the Industrial Training
    Council and installation of machinery is ongoing
  • Developing the sector technically through enhancing workers and Middle Management skills
  • Export development through concentrating on North Africa, COMESA, European Union, India,
    Russia, Brazil, Argentina, and Vietnam