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Furniture and Wood Industries

Sector Background:

Currently 75% of Egypt's wood furniture exports are oriented towards the Middle East (the fastest
growing market during the1990s), Europe (particularly the UK, France, Italy and Spain) and the
United States. According to 2009 figures Egypt's production of furniture reached $ 3 billion, with an
export value of $ 296 million.

2010 data (till the end of August 2010)

Total Registered companies at IMC 1315

  • Exports of registered companies is estimated at LE 438 million.
  • Investments of registered companies: LE 1,600 million.


Sector Projects

  • Creating a professional designers' database to apply the system of "Designer for each Factory"
  • Establishing several training workshops between national and international designers to expand the
    design base in Egypt and organize the design week (Egypt Design +20)
  • Developing the technology centres and the testing and accreditation labs
  • Restructuring the local market through promoting the establishment of Furniture Malls
  • Setting up the furniture export strategy aiming at assessing the current performance of the sector and
    pinpointing strengths and potentials of accessing new foreign markets
  • Penetrating new markets and developing new exporters
  • Increasing the annual export growth rate by 15% to 20%
  • Upgrading the sector's productivity with respect to labor efficiency, machine productivity and cost
    effectiveness, through offering a wide range of services (production, quality, training, … etc)

Specialized services to increase efficiency of the sector

  • Production Optimization and restructuring production phases
  • Hosting In-Company Experts in each factory on a short or long term basis
  • Deploying value added activities such as branding ,product design and development , Design
    Management and In company Export consultant