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Agricultural Industries

Sector Background:
  • The Agricultural and Food Production sectors represent key
    components of the economic structure of Egypt. About 30%
    of the local labor force work in those two sectors. These
    sectors share in around 18% of the GDP. The growth rate of
    the agricultural sector is 3%.
  • Total sector investment LE 8 billion


2010 data (till the end of August 2010)

  • The number of IMC registered companies: 450
  • Exports of the sector till the end of August 2010 reached LE
    8,949 billion
  • Investments of those companies reached LE 6.2 billion


Sector Projects

  • Agricultural manufacturing development strategy
  • Agricultural sector investment strategy
  • Herbs and spices sector study
  • Food security strategy
  • Fishery study
  • Establishing a maximum residual level laboratory
  • Establish Steam Sterilization Room in collaboration with
    ESHEDA and the Food Technology Center-FTC
  • Application of Egyptian standard specifications of citrus fruits
  • Farm management scheme in Upper Egypt in cooperation with
    CARE International Organization
  • Peach fly combat training programme
  • Studies for using Ro-Ro ferries to target European ports
  • Accreditation of BRC, Global, and GAP

Specialized services to increase efficiency
of the sector
  • Farm management
  • Post harvest management
  • Agricultural marketing
  • Safety and quality
  • Plant growing and genetic studies
  • Soil and water management
  • Export Development
  • Finance & Investment
  • Product Development & Branding
  • Accreditation of BRC, Global, and GAP