Productivity Enhancement Programme
Program Objective
Improve productive operations management and eliminating wastes in order to reduce cost and ensure quality stability.

Program Methodology
Review strategic objectives of priority sectors.
Screening of industrial zones and nomination of companies according to the selection criteria.
Evaluate companies and set development packages of services appropriate to the size and capabilities of the company and the nature of the industrial sector.
Start implementing and managing projects  based on a clear performance indicators.
Achieve the expected impact and nominate a new wave of companies

Program Impacts  
20% – 15 % improvement in productivity
Eliminate waste by 20%
Reduce operation costs 5% -7 %
10% increase in sales

Clients Selection
Utilizing at least 50-70% of their production capacity.
Average annual sales of at least 10 million EGP.
Ability to grow and a clear organizational structure with defined tasks and responsibilities.