Value Chain Development Programme
Partners: FEI, specialized Technology centers, Investors associations in industrial areas
Sectors: Chemical , Engineering, Agro & Food Business sector, Textile
Beneficiary Enterprise: Small , Medium and Large
Governorate: All over Egypt

The Value Chain Development Programme (VCDP) is considered one of the main IMC programmes; it focuses on analyzing the product chains, from raw materials to the eventual end-user, in order to identify opportunities for growth that contribute to the chains’ future development and improvement.

As a value chain development that is increasingly becoming a key to international competitiveness; the programme aims to increase company competitiveness, reduce costs, improve market share, in other words improve overall company profitability to reach the maximum value for the least possible cost.

Programme Scope

Boosting vertical integration, improving SMEs business linkages, enhancing the competitiveness of the Egyptian feeding industries and creating a national supplier base for the local and global industry leaders. The programme also works on horizontal integration to strengthen companies’ team work and enhance the negotiation opportunities of the medium and small enterprises, create a database for the Egyptian industrial products and work with related facilities to increase integration between the factories individually and collectively and by providing a package of specialized technical support from IMC services to ensure performance levels to compete with imported inputs and provide better opportunities to access different markets.

Potential Value Chains

The programme in its initial phase, aims to offer a set of development projects focusing on certain segments that have the potential to improve and enhance the performance of the whole value chain. The programme will work to develop:

  • Textiles, home textiles & readymade garments subsectors: Accessories, terry towels and shirt value chains.
  • Chemical sector: Plastic & detergents value chains.
  • Engineering sector: Automotive feeding industries, white goods & metal forming value chains.
  • Food & agro business: Confectionery, olive and dairy products value chains.