One of IMC roles in supporting, deepening & linking industry with science, by discussing & presenting the idea of “dyeing without using water”

One of the important roles of the IMC in supporting & deepening the Egyptian industry & the need to link industry with science, a delegation of the centre composed of Mr.Tariq Rashid, Deputy Director of the branches of the delta region & Mr.Mohamed Erfan The Business Development Consultant at IMC visited the high institute of textile technology in the great place, where engineer mohamed wahdan, one of the pioneers of the textile industry & the owner of the Cristina Factory, was held to discuss & present the idea of dyeing Technical Technology comes the importance of this operation because it has many advantages about the tradition, where it is considered to be a full-time eco-friendly with no need to use water & free the process of dyeing it from rumbling & not having to use solvents as it provides almost 40 % of the total costs compared to their representation using traditional equipment & methods. It has been agreed to help the company to find out the price offers of these machines & their places of supply in preparation for their purchase & to make the first eco-friendly experimental model in the factory in order to spread the idea in the rest.