Your Partner for a More Competitive Egyptian Industry:

Egypt’s economic development critically hinges upon the competitiveness and growth of the industrial sector. By occupying an integral part in the economic structure, the Egyptian industry is considered to be the engine of economic growth, exports expansion and job creation. According to the Industrial Development Strategy (IDS), Egypt is projected to be a leading industrial country in the MENA region in terms of industrial performance as well as a main export hub for medium-technology manufactured products by 2025. Within this framework, the Industrial Modernization Centre (IMC) was established by a Presidential Decree in December 2000 to give an impetus for a sustainable, modernized, vibrant and competitive Egyptian industry. The aim is to support the industrial enterprises, create an enabling business environment for the industrial sector, in coordination with the Ministry of Industry, Trade and SMEs.



IMC Vision


To Be the Leading Change Agent for the Egyptian Industry

IMC Mission

To Support Industrial Targeted Enterprises Individually; Geographically and Sectorial According to the Business Development Plans through Comprehensive Programs Aiming at Green Growth and Sustainable Development.    

IMC Expertise


IMC started delivering services since 2002 and built up its portfolio based on a demand driven basis that maintains a dynamic approach to accommodate
with the continuous needs and ongoing challenges of the industry.
Currently, IMC is part of an eternal process to continuously support the Egyptian industrial enterprises. by uniquely offering:
Accumulative (Industrial & Business) knowledge base
• Comprehensive outreach through 19 branches
• Team of 300 well developed/professional staff
• Over 13,000 Clients, more than 100,000 services across 9 industrialsectors
• More than 50 sectoral development studies/strategies
• Capacity building to various affiliated entities within Ministry of Industry,Trade and SMEs