Social Entrepreneurship Programme

Partners : NGOs – Private sector – Ministry of Industry, Trade and SMEs – Investors – Int’l Org.
Sectors : All Industrial Sectors
Beneficiary Enterprises : Social Entrepreneurs – Social Enterprises Micro & SMEs
Governorate : All Governorates


Social enterprises can help create jobs, devise innovative development solutions, and inspire young people to act as citizens who are both economically productive and socially engaged, all with the ultimate aim of promoting human dignity and greater social equity. 
Within this context the Social Enterpreneurship Programme aims to catalyze and nurture the creation of micro, small and medium-sized businesses that aim for positive social or environmental outcomes while generating financial returns; through developing a framework for action for social enterprises and social entrepreneurship.

Programme Objective

  • Generate knowledge to build the field of social entrepreneurship in Egypt. 
  • Applying practical, innovative and sustainable  approaches to benefit marginalized and poor communities. 
  • Developing a framework for action for stakeholder engagement. 
  • Assist on how to navigate the social enterprise and impact investing space. 
  • Develop the legal form of Social Enterprise. 
  • Build awareness and advocate for the potential of social entrepreneurship. 
  • Identifying of social pilot projects as models for replication.
  • Capacity building to a group of social entrepreneur as role models and innovators in the field of social entrepreneurship. 
  • Base of Pyramid (BOP) study of poor Egyptian communities with potential for developing profit oriented solutions.

Programme Services

  • Capacity Building: Provide training programs for entrepreneurs and organizations working in the field of entrepreneurship community in addition to advisory services and mentoring for social entrepreneurs/ enterprise. 
  • Technical Support Services: Provide selective package of services for NGOs, Social Enterprises/ Social Entrepreneurs. 
  • Information Center: spreading awareness on a regular basis, strengthen communication and network, create a portal to help entrepreneurs and publishing their projects/ innovations and build a network of volunteers in the field of social entrepreneurship. 
  • Competition and Award for the most feasible ideas in the field of social entrepreneurship.