Value Chain Development Programme
Program Objective
The Value Chain Development Programme (VCD) is a newly launched IMC pillar; the programme focuses on analyzing the product chains, from raw materials to the eventual end-user, in order to identify opportunities for growth that contribute to the chains’ future development and improvement.

Program Methodology
This can be achieved by boosting vertical integration, improving SMEs business linkages, enhancing the competitiveness of the Egyptian feeding industries and creating a domestic supplier base for the local and global industry leaders.

Program Impacts
increase company competitiveness, reduce cost, improve market share, in other words improve overall company profitability to reach the maximum value for the least possible cost

Clients Selection
• Chemical sector: plastics recycling and plastic end products value chains.
• Engineering sector: automotive feeding industries and white goods value chains
• Food and agro business: confectionery, olive and dairy products value chains
• Leather sector: crust, footwear and bags value chains
• Textile and home textile sector: processing, accessories and shirt value chains