Financial Services Programme
1- Qualifying Companies for Access to
The main purpose is to develop and promote enterprises’ eligibility to access the finance of commercial banks and investors, through a group of experts and inhouse consultants in the field of structuring and financing, as follows:

• First Stage: Examining the current status, proposing and finding alternatives

• Second stage: Assist enterprises to obtain loans, as well as preparing a cash flow projection and financial statements.
• Third stage: Attracting and/or guiding enterprises to the proper financial channels

2- Funding for Development Programme

The main purpose of this programme is to facilitate access to finance for the IMC beneficiary clients in order to maximize the investment value of companies through enhancing its institutional structure, facilitate procedures to obtain required finance from different sources and attracting new investors to the company.

The programme helps enterprises to present an acceptable loan file to the financial institutions, as follows:
• Banking:
To finance working capital and long term finance.
• Finance Leasing:
This is a long term financing tool provided through the leasing companies for fixed assets only; the repayment period is between 5 to 10 years depending on the client studies.
• Credit Guarantee Programme:
This programme is being implemented by the Credit Guarantee Company (CGC), whereby CGC would guarantee the repayment by the beneficiary client with maximum 75% of the loan provided by the banks (short and long term finance) where the loan amount shall not exceed
EGP 10 million and CGC guarantee shall not exceed EGP 2,5 million.