Creative Cluster Programme
Program Objective

This programme has the objective to strengthen and expanding local MSMEs, and facilitates its development through upgrading the value chain of industrial cluster products via an integrated demand-based approach. It will help all value chain members to upgrade their production, increase level of value addition and comply with technical regulations, codes of good practices and conformity standards required by destination markets.Thus, it will ensure that entities in the industrial cluster sectors generate higher aggregate value and offer more equitable and inclusive socio-economic opportunities. The project strategy is also in-line with the near-term policies for SME facilitation in Egypt focusing on building the capacity of SMEs & MSMEs and integrating them in global value chains as well as improving entrepreneurship policies. In addition to formalize the legal frame of clusters.

In a country known for its rich and unique cultural heritage, the Egyptian ethnic and craft industries are considered to be a sustainable source of income for a large percentage of the Egyptian labor force. In addition, this industry requires small capital investments and provides high value added in comparison to other manufacturing sectors.

Within this context, the programme aims to integrate the Creative Industries Clusters into the national and international supply chains of the ethnic products and handicrafts, through increasing the competitiveness and market penetration opportunities considering the advantage of their geographical location in natural formed clusters.

Technical Assistance services offered to Creative Industries’ Clusters:
Cluster members receive programme services through associations or cooperatives representing the cluster; as follows:

• Technical Know How Transfer & Production Capacity

Building Services

• Design & Quality Upgrading Services

• Export Promotion, Marketing Support & Services:

• Training Services