Proudly Made in EGYPT
Seal of Quality

  • The "Proudly Made in EGYPT" Quality Seal is a trade mark owned by the Ministry of Trade and Industry, the Industrial Modernization Center is the authorized body for registration, evaluation and assessment of the industrial establishments eligible to receive the mark.
  • The "Proudly Made in EGYPT" Mark Registered as a quality and control mark in categories 1 to 34 in accordance with the Nice Agreement for the division of goods and services for which trademarks are to be registered.
  • The "Proudly Made in EGYPT" Mark is an Egyptian quality mark indicating that the facility to which the mark is awarded applies administrative standards and comprehensive quality standards and has an effective management system.
  • The "Proudly Made in EGYPT" Mark is a tool that helps large, medium and small enterprises effectively promote their brands/products.
  • The validity period of the "Proudly Made in EGYPT" Mark is two years from the date of grant and renewed after the re-evaluation.
Documents required to obtain the Mark:
  • A recent copy of the industrial registry.
  • A copy of the valid manufacturing license.
  • A copy of the quality certificates obtained by the facility.
How to apply:
Kindly fill out the Registration Form (Registration Form Ver.1)
Head Office 1195 Corniche El Nil, Federation of Industries building, second floor, Cairo.
The nearest IMC Regional Office.
Fax: 202 257 728 70
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.