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Egypt-PV is a project jointly implemented by IMC in cooperation with the UNDP, and funded by the Global Environment Facility (GEF), laureate of the British Energy Institute Award as the best global project in the field of greenhouse gas due to global warming 2020. The project was selected from among more than 120 projects representing 29 countries.

Project goals

The project aims to support wider use of PV, particularly decentralized generation plants established inside industrial, commercial, tourist, residential buildings, and public buildings. This has led to the provision of technical and financial support to implement 121 energy plants in those sectors in 15 governorates in Egypt at a capacity of 9.8 MW. This was reinforced by the establishment of centers for providing support and technical advice, with emphasis on more utilization of local components, qualification of technical calibers, and supporting emerging markets for this technology in Egypt; resulting in more job opportunities in this field.


Project achievements

  • Egypt-PV was laureate with the first price from the British Energy Institute Award 2020 in the field of greenhouse gas due to global warming
  • Installation of 121 guidance models for a solar plant in the industrial, commercial, tourist, housing and public buildings
  • Working in 15 governorates at a capacity of 9.8 MW, saving approximately 13 GWH/year of electrical power.


Project expected outcomes

  • Reducing CO2 emissions by 7.9 KT, with a target to reach 129 KT by 2034
  • Reducing costs of solar plants establishment by 18%
  • Providing training programs to raise awareness on solar energy technologies for 201 trainees of different backgrounds (engineers – students – journalists – banking and financing), of which 60% are women.
  • Mapping solar energy at the new Administrative Capital till 2030