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Open-Factory Project

Open-Factory Project

An Egyptian-Italian project funded by the EU. The Open-factory project is being implemented by a number of Egyptian agencies working under the umbrella of the Faculty of Computer and Artificial Intelligence Cairo University, in collaboration with the IMC, the National Research Center, Textile Division, Chamber of Leather industries, Chamber of Textile industries, along with the Progetto Sud Foundation, Link Campus University and the Serkam Company for consultations.

Project Goals

The project aims to develop Egyptian industry through the creation of a virtual environment using information technology with a view to embracing innovations and ideas from the very beginning till they become a reality. Ideas will be implemented through collaboration among different parties, including innovators, factory owners, employees, and potential investors. Among project implementing parties are the organizers of local and international exhibitions, and marketers in order to open new markets for products. This would entail training programs, skill upgrade, and introduction of advanced technology to those two industries in Egypt building on the experiences of advanced countries

Project will be implemented over three years as of February 2020. IMC has participated in the preparation of a study on Egypt’s leather sector, and the other pillars of the project are under way.