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The GTEX/MENATEX project is being implemented by both the International Trade Center (ITC) in Geneva, and the Egyptian Ministry of Trade and Industry (MTI). The project helps provide technical assistance to support the Textile and Garments sector. The outcome is one of enhancing and improving the sector’s value chain, varying its products, strengthening its existence in the markets, and accessing new markets through improved services provided by support organizations. Among the project partners are the Export Council for Textiles, Garments, and Home textiles, as well as other Egyptian institutions supporting the sector.

Project Partners

  • IMC
  • Export Council for Textiles, Garments, and Home textiles
  • Export Development Authority (EDA)
  • Innovation and Technology Council (Design & Fashion Center – Textile Development Center)
  • Egyptian Exporters Association
  • Others

The project is planned to close end of December 2021. It’s jointly funded by the Swiss Government within the framework of the Global Program for Textiles and Garments (GTEX), and the Swedish Government within the framework of a program targeting selected Middle East and North Africa countries (MENATEX). The project is expected to provide assistance to 35 small and medium sized enterprises working in subsectors, for example, Jeans, Knitting, Sports and leisure wear, men’s shirts, in addition to the deying and finishing sub-sector.

Project goals

The Project will help increase enterprises international competitiveness as well as varying their exports through the following:

  • Training and mentoring in the value add activities such as providing inputs, product development, design, marketing and trade marks.
  • Improving commercial compliance with social and environmental standards required by buyers, especially with regard to the EU market.
  • Linking enterprises to new markets and new potential buyers
  • Linking enterprises to financing mechanisms that secure commercial funding to enable the shift to full package and original brand manufacturing.

Therefore, IMC has provided assistance with regard to participating enterprises assessment and selection during the period from January – June 2020. IMC visited 43 factories for problem identification and reporting gaps on individual factories, in addition to a comprehensive report on the sector gaps accompanied with preliminary recommendations concerning services required to close the gaps.