For Benificiaries

Why do I register to IMC

Once you are registered, you join the thousands of other factory owners already registered as IMC Clients and become eligible to receive IMC services. Every year IMC provides hundreds of approved clients with thousands of services ranging between training and other consultations in all fields such as marketing, energy, environment, export development, quality…etc. 

Am I eligible to register as IMC client?

Any factory that meets the following criteria is eligible to register as an IMC client;

Criteria of eligibility

  • A private sector establishment (private-sector own more than 51% of ownership rights)
  • Not less than 10 insured workers
  • Submission of balance sheets and social insurance form
  • Have a potential for growth
  • Operate transparently


What you need to prepare before you start the electronic registration;

  • A record of commercial registry
  • A record of Industrial registry
  • Tax card

Please check the section “How we work” to know better about how IMC will serve you.

If you are ready to register as a Benfeiciry in the IMC, Please download the 2014 - 2015 KPI Form, Fill it and stamp it with your company's Stamp and attach it to the Registration form .