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Service Provider: CTC " Consultation and Training Center" Code: C-50054

# Category Course
1 Quality CE mark implementation
2 Quality ISO 17025 implementation
3 Quality OHSAS 18001 implementation
4 Quality First aid awareness and practical
5 Quality Safe Driving for heavy and light vehicles
6 Quality Total quality Management system (TQM) awareness
7 Quality Preparation of Internal Auditors
8 Quality Global Standard (BRC-IoP) implementation
9 Soft Skills żżżżżżżżż żżżżżżż żż żżżżż żżżżżżżżż żżżżżżżż żżżżżżżżż
10 Soft Skills żżżżż żżżżżż żżżżżżż żżżżżżżż żż żżżżżżż
11 Soft Skills żżżżżż żżżżżż żżżżżż żżżżżżżż żżżżżżżż
12 Soft Skills Logistics Management
13 Soft Skills Core skills for Time Management
14 Soft Skills Core skills for IT projects Management
15 Quality Global Gap implementation
16 Quality Fire Fighting
17 Quality BRC-FOOD implementation
18 Soft Skills żżżżżżż żżżżżż żżżżżżżż
19 Soft Skills żżżżżżżż żżżżżżżżżżż żż żżżżż żżżżżżżżżż żżżżżżżżżżż
20 Soft Skills How to build a good career path
21 Soft Skills Building an effective team
22 Soft Skills Advanced Marketing and Promotion
23 Soft Skills Core skills for Financial and Budget Management
24 Quality Pest control
25 Quality ISO 14001implementation
26 Quality Quality and safety of Food & Pharmaceutical Packaging areas
27 Soft Skills żżżżż żżżżżż żżżżżż żżżżżżż żżżżżżżż
28 Soft Skills żżżżż  żżżżżżżżżż żżżżżżżżżżżżż żżżżż żżżżżż żż żżżżżżż
29 Soft Skills żżżżżżżż żżżżżżżżżżżżżż żżżżżżżżżżżż żżżżżżżżż
30 Soft Skills How to motivate your team
31 Quality Food Defense
32 Quality IOSH Managing Safely
33 Quality Implementation of Food Safety & HACCP requirements
34 Quality Good Storage Practice (GSP) awareness
35 Quality Lean Manufacture awareness
36 Soft Skills Marketing and Promotion
37 Quality Emergency plans & crises management
38 Quality ISO 22000 implementation
39 Quality Good Manufacturing Practices& Good Hygiene Practices (GMP&GHP)
40 Soft Skills żżżżżżżż żżżż żżżżżżżżż
41 Soft Skills żżżżżż żżżżżżżż żżżżżż żżżżżżż
42 Soft Skills żżżżżż żżżżżżżżżżżżż żżżżżżżżżżżż żżżżżżżżżżżżż
43 Soft Skills żżżżżż żżżżżż żżżżżżżż żżż żżż żżżżż
44 Soft Skills Problem solving and decision making
45 Soft Skills Inventory management
46 Soft Skills Maximizing selling skills
47 Quality Sensory Evaluation of Food & Food Biproducts
48 Quality ISO 9001implementation
49 Quality Six Sigma
50 Quality Product identification Traceability and Coding system
51 Soft Skills żżżżżżż żżżżżżż żżżżż żżżżżżżż
52 Soft Skills Basic Supplier Chain Management
53 Soft Skills Core Skills for Managing Project
54 Quality NEBOSH Award in Health and Safety at Work Qualification
55 Quality żżżżż żżżżżżżż żżżżżż żżżżżżżż żżżżżżżż żżżżżżżżżż
56 Quality WRAP implementation
57 Quality ISO 13485 implementation
58 Quality Validation
59 Soft Skills żżżżżżż żżżżżżżż żżżżżż żżżżżżż
60 Soft Skills żżż żżż żżżżżżż żżżżżżż żżżżżżżż żżżżżżżż
61 Soft Skills żżżżżż żżżżżż żżżżż żżżżżżż żżżż żżżżżżżż
62 Soft Skills żżżżżż żżżżż żżżżżżżżż
63 Soft Skills żżżżżżżż żżżżżżż żżżżżżż żżżżżżżżż żżżżżżżż
64 Quality FSSC 22000 implementation
65 Quality OSHA Requirments
66 Quality Industrial safety rolls and Environmental aspects
67 Quality Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) awareness
68 Quality Certified Management of Quality (CMQ) awareness
69 Soft Skills żżżżżż żżżżżżżżżż żżżż żżżżżżżżż żżżżżż żżżżżż żżżżżż
70 Soft Skills żżżżż żżżżżżż żżżżżż żżżżżżż
71 Soft Skills żżżżż żżżżżż żżżżżż żżżżżż żżżżż żżżżżżż
72 Soft Skills Leadership
73 Soft Skills Communication Skills
74 Soft Skills Purchasing management
75 Soft Skills Planning Management
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Supply of Desktops, Notebook, Printers and Scanners

Supply of Servers

Good Manufactring Practices GMP

Basic Lean/Production Optimization (For Knit wear)

Productivity Enhancement Program- Recycle of Sulfonic Acid

Basic Lean/Production Optimization (For Denim Wear)

Basic Lean/Production Optimization (For Knit wear & Socks)

Basic Lean/Production Optimization (Dyeing & Finishing for woven & knit fabrics)

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Export Development Strategy

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Feasibility Study for local Co to Promote & Trade Egyptian Handicrafts Products

ASME Certification

ISO 13485 and CE Mark preparation

FSC Preparation

Enhancement of Plastic Injection Processes Group 1

Enhancement of Plastic Injection Processes Group 2

International Research and Business Match Making

Productivity Enhancement Program Recyclers phase 2

ASME Certification I-0300-CL-EG-1011,1

FSC/PEFC Preparation

Corporate Governance Implementation

Design and Construction of Creative and Industrial Clusters Pavillion (1600sqm) in Furnex 2015


Productivity enhancement for recyclers

Impacts of Egypt's Trade Agreements on Engineering Industries Sector