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Service Provider: Orient Co Code: O-50026

# Category Course
2 Quality Quality planning
3 Quality Quality Assurance Specialist for food safety
4 Quality quality Inspector 
5 Quality Quality Management - Advanced
6 Soft Skills Time Management
7 Soft Skills Preparation of administrative leadership
8 Soft Skills Negotiation skills
9 Soft Skills Recruitment And Selection Interviews
10 Quality Total Quality Management
11 Quality ISO 22000 FSMS- Requirement
12 Quality ISO14001 principles and applications
13 Soft Skills Human Resource Management
14 Soft Skills Fundamentals of Marketing
15 Soft Skills Effective supervision skills
16 Soft Skills Conflict management
17 Soft Skills Management by objectives
18 Quality Industrial Engineering Techniques
19 Quality Quality of cost
20 Quality Internal Auditor for BCMS
21 Quality Visual Factory Management
22 Quality Introduction to Japanese 6 S?s Deployment
23 Quality Introduction of Lean Manufacturing
24 Quality Documentation of quality management system
25 Quality ISO 9001 principles and applications
26 Soft Skills Presentation Skills
27 Soft Skills Basic selling skills
28 Soft Skills Industrial safety
29 Soft Skills Office management
30 Soft Skills Planning organization and follow-up
31 Soft Skills Evaluating performance employees and motivation
32 Quality GMP
33 Quality Introduction to Total Productive Maintenance ( TPM)
34 Quality Foundation BCMS ISO 223012012
35 Quality OHSAS 18001 principles and applications
36 Quality Customer Relationship Management ISO 10001 ISO 10002 & ISO 10003
37 Quality Value Stream Mapping and Waste Elimination
38 Soft Skills Train the Trainer
39 Soft Skills Advanced Selling Skills
40 Soft Skills Statistical monitoring of operations
41 Soft Skills Supply Chain Management
42 Quality Lean Manufacturing Self-Assessment
43 Quality Quality Assurance Specialist
44 Quality Supply Chain cost reduction
45 Quality Performance Indicators
46 Soft Skills Public Relations Basic
47 Soft Skills Decision-making and problem-solving
48 Soft Skills Data analysis
49 Soft Skills Crisis management
50 Soft Skills sales process execution
51 Quality Strategic Production Planning
52 Quality Monitoring & Measuring Customer Satisfaction ISO 10004
53 Quality Standardized Work Procedures
54 Soft Skills Team Effectiveness
55 Soft Skills Public relations advanced
56 Soft Skills Projects Management
57 Soft Skills Service and customer satisfaction
58 Soft Skills business Write
59 Soft Skills Risk assessment and management
60 Soft Skills Principles of finance for non-financial
61 Quality Food safety and hygiene matters
62 Quality Problem Solving and Root Cause Analysis
63 Quality In Station Process Quality Control
64 Quality Implementing an BCMS ISO 223012012
65 Quality SIPOC Process Mapping
66 Quality Internal Auditor for Management Systems
67 Soft Skills Communication Skills
68 Soft Skills Strategic Management
69 Soft Skills Efective Salling
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Advanced application service
Export Development Strategies - For Biscuits and Wafer
Good Manfacturing Practices - for cosmetics products
Servers , Notebooks , Desktops , Printers , Scanners
Productivity Enhancement Program - Enhancement of Plastic Injection Processes
Suppliers rating Systems - For Confectionary
Promotional Material Design & Printing