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Service Provider: Food Technology Center - Ministry of Trade & Industry Code: F-10010

# Category Course
1 Quality Internal Health & Safety OHSAS 18001 Auditing
2 Quality Quality Management Representative Skills Development QMR
3 Quality Six Sigma Champion In Food Chain Management
4 Quality Product Benchmarking & Consumer Research in Food Sector
5 Quality Understanding & Implementing an OHSAS 18001 System
6 Quality HACCP-The Basic
7 Quality Train The Trainer in Food Safety
8 Vocational Hair product development
9 Vocational Conducting effective Quality Audits in cosmetics
10 Vocational Microbiological analysis in cosmetics
11 Vocational Table Olive
12 Vocational Meat and poultry Technology
13 Vocational Chocolate Technology
14 Vocational Bakery ingredient day - enzymes emulsifiers raising agents and yeast
15 Vocational Cleaning of Dairy equipments
16 Vocational Butter & dairy spreads
17 Vocational Tailored Sensory Training Service
18 Vocational Food Safety for Maintenance Engineers
19 Vocational Principles of Baking
20 Vocational Technology of Cereals Milling & Baking
21 Vocational Basic Food Chemistry & Nutrition
22 Vocational Understand the requirements of ISO 18000: 2007 (level 2)
23 Vocational Dates Technology (level 2)
24 Vocational Plant Disease protection methods (level1)
25 Vocational Agricultural techniques and characteristics of olive oil (level1)
26 Quality Media Training Risk & Crises management in Food Sector
27 Vocational Food Transportation guidelines
28 Vocational Cultured Milk Product
29 Vocational Understanding Quality Minima for Herbs & Spices
30 Vocational Poka Yoke Error Proofing in Food Processing
31 Vocational Introduction to Calibration in Food Factories
32 Vocational Practical Food Law- Weight and Measures
33 Vocational Managing Personnel Hygiene- Module 1 - Hygiene
34 Vocational Product Development from Concept to Launch- An Introduction
35 Vocational Food Thermal Processing - A Safe Approach
36 Vocational Principles of Food Canning
37 Vocational Frozen Foods An Introduction to the Practical Elements
38 Vocational Water Technology a clear issue
39 Vocational Chemistry of Juices & Soft Drinks
40 Vocational Good Hygiene Practice for Agro-Food Sector
41 Vocational Understand the requirements of ISO 22000: 2005 (level 2)
42 Vocational palm and dates Pest control (level 2)
43 Vocational palm and dates Pest control (level 1)
44 Vocational olive Legislation standards (level2)
45 Vocational Economics of olive oil processing and marketing basics (level2)
46 Vocational Olive production techniques (level1)
47 Quality Quality Assurance of Cosmetics
48 Quality Six Sigma Pathways - Basic Design of Experiment
49 Quality Six Sigma Pathways - Basic Applied Statistics
50 Quality Lean Supplement for Six Sigma
51 Quality ISO 22000 Understanding The Requirements
52 Quality ISO 9001-2000 Understanding The Requirements
53 Quality Good Manufacturing Practices used in olive industry (level2)
54 Vocational Sensory evaluation in cosmetic product
55 Vocational Thermal processing - a safe approach
56 Vocational Sugars & Sweeteners in Food Processing
57 Vocational Fats & Oils Technology
58 Vocational Ice Cream Processing
59 Vocational Cheese Processing
60 Vocational Building-blocks of Dairy Processing
61 Vocational Statistical Process Control SPC application in Food Sector
62 Vocational Lean Thinking in Food Chain Management
63 Vocational Temperature Measurement & Calibration for Laboratory Manager in Food Factories
64 Vocational Conducting Factory Inspections-Technical Issues
65 Vocational Food Processing Hygiene Management
66 Vocational Chorleywood Bread Process
67 Vocational Practical Cake Technology
68 Vocational Techniques for Successful Bakery Product Innovation
69 Vocational Bread
70 Vocational Bakery Product Faults- Solved
71 Vocational Understanding Flour Specifications
72 Vocational Food Microbiology for non-microbiologists
73 Vocational Food Laboratory Techniques- Chemistry Basics
74 Vocational olive oil legislation and standards (level 2)
75 Vocational Economics of olive oil processing and marketing basics (level 1)
76 Vocational Understand the requirements of ISO 18000: 2007 (level 1)
77 Vocational Date products Packaging (integrated system) (level 2)
78 Vocational Cultivation of date palm (level 2)
79 Vocational Cultivation of date palm (level 1)
80 Vocational Economics of olive oil processing and marketing basics (level1)
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Advanced application service
Export Development Strategies - For Biscuits and Wafer
Good Manfacturing Practices - for cosmetics products
Servers , Notebooks , Desktops , Printers , Scanners
Productivity Enhancement Program - Enhancement of Plastic Injection Processes
Suppliers rating Systems - For Confectionary
Promotional Material Design & Printing