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Service Provider: Horus Training Centre Code: H-0187

# Category Course
1 Soft Skills Foreign Procurement - incoterms 2010
2 Soft Skills ??????? ?????? ??????? ???? ????? ??????? financial analyses
3 Soft Skills Crisis and Change Management - Strategic Planning
4 Soft Skills modern trends to deal with banks
5 Soft Skills Executive Secretarial and Modern Office Management
6 Soft Skills modern trends of documentary credits
7 Soft Skills Advanced Managerial Accounting for strategist thinking
8 Soft Skills negotiation skills and contracting
9 Soft Skills social insurance law
10 Soft Skills modern trends of material management & inventory control
11 Soft Skills Managing Logistics "Transport, Materials Storage and Materials Handling"
12 Soft Skills Finance for Non-Finance Professionals
13 Soft Skills international internal audit standards
14 Soft Skills ??????? ?????? Marketing effectively
15 Soft Skills modern trends of customs Clearance - part 2
16 Soft Skills advanced legal management
17 Soft Skills international marketing & manage export risks
18 Soft Skills Care and excellence in customer service
19 Soft Skills how to deal with labour law
20 Soft Skills advanced Procurement management
21 Soft Skills Examination of documents on the documentary credit
22 Soft Skills accounting standards- part 2
23 Soft Skills how to be a professional Office Manager
24 Soft Skills modren trends of HRM
25 Soft Skills Letters of Guarantee
26 Soft Skills HR for Small Businesses
27 Soft Skills supply chain management
28 Soft Skills Preparing and writing effective reports
29 Soft Skills ????? ????????? ???????? ???????? ???????? how to prepare budgets by using mathmatics techniques
30 Soft Skills income taxes law
31 Soft Skills modern trends in cost accounting
32 Soft Skills modern trends of customs Clearance - part 1
33 Soft Skills ??????? ???????? ????? ?????? First-time Leadership and Supervision
34 Soft Skills accounting standards- part 1
35 Soft Skills senior management skills
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Advanced application service
Export Development Strategies - For Biscuits and Wafer
Good Manfacturing Practices - for cosmetics products
Servers , Notebooks , Desktops , Printers , Scanners
Productivity Enhancement Program - Enhancement of Plastic Injection Processes
Suppliers rating Systems - For Confectionary
Promotional Material Design & Printing