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Service Provider: INTEC-International Experts & Consultants Association Code: I-50525

# Category Course
1 Quality Industrial safety
2 Quality OSHA ( General Industry safety & health Standards- Certified Program
3 Quality Fire Fighting
4 Quality Protection & Security for Organizations & Pivotal Places
5 Quality Emergency Safety Rules & Envirnoment Protection
6 Quality Healthy Effects of Environmental Dangers Inside & Outside Work
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Invitation for service providers to register with IMC with the frame work scheme


Advanced application service
Export Development Strategies - For Biscuits and Wafer
Good Manfacturing Practices - for cosmetics products
Servers , Notebooks , Desktops , Printers , Scanners
Productivity Enhancement Program - Enhancement of Plastic Injection Processes
Suppliers rating Systems - For Confectionary
Promotional Material Design & Printing